Special Orders

Special Orders


Due to high levels of Sales some items could be showing as Available to Order on Our Website. 

How does Special Ordering Work?
Gib Yachts can Order anything from Our suppliers although there are a few additional costs involved for example Freight & Carriage Charges and even Customs Import & Clearance charges. 
Please note that some items also pay Import Duty in Gibraltar.

Most of the products showing "Available to Order" on Our website have retail prices. These prices are calculated when we receive a Stock Order and the additional charges are added proportionally on all of the items we receive from that Supplier. In the case of Special Orders you would need to take in to account these additional charges and add those on top of the displayed retail price.

For further information regarding costs and products please Contact Us now to assist you further.
If your request is regarding Special Orders please type "SPECIAL ORDER" at the beginning of the message for a faster reply.

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